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campbell is heated... department's soal media &ppolicy. 5725 when we usually step up, we usually get slammed doon, so hat's he way i look at this social mediaapolicy 30 the chaages include prohibiting firefiggters from posting incideet scenee.. having websites thaa hiihlight theirr work in the communities... and taking pictures at fire scenee without permissioo. 55:20 they're taking away you can't have a web site &pwithout ssmebooy else's permission 26the new rules online involving city firefighters.including an &pincident where some firefighters critiiized theirr own members! 5624 i'm sure it's some type of retaliation for things that may have gone on 27a spokesperron for the department released a stateeent.... saying "the quite some time... howevvr... implemented tt establish guidelines ann perimeters for wwich our personnel could engage in social media responsibly with respect to regulltions".meanwhile... campbell says his firefighters are prepaaed to fight fire with ffre. 55:34 we'll be in talks with our legal counsell and we'll moveeon from there. from hat iiknow of, nobody'
the 60' an see some of his famous animatioos thii weekend. annmator ron campbell joins uu this morning with more. - tell us about some offyour animatioos?- how long does itt take to complete an animation?-where can people see you thhs -whhre can eople pee yyu this weekend? weekend? toosee ron campbell this weekend and to learn more log on to foxxbaltimoreedot com slash morning. coming up n good day &pbaltimore... a halloween trick... plays out on thh air. air.biyea scares patrice... --s- screams-- the serious ssare patrice got... and the other "say what" mooents f the week. p 3you're watching foxx45 morningg news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8))
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2